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What are the main points of debate that arise for you after completing the reading - Essay Example


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What are the main points of debate that arise for you after completing the reading

The point that political institutions determine satisfaction with democracy is debatable. It is true that political institutions determine the relationship of the majority and minority. Even so, the majority may still show dissatisfaction with the government if they fail to implement the manifesto or policies they promised during an election period. The government has a duty to serve all citizens, no matter who voted in their favor. Political institutions must serve all citizens equally, and besides, there is no possible way that they can know who voted and who did not vote. Selfish interests by politicians still dominate public duty, and those with political connections, and not the majority, are likely to benefit and show satisfaction in the government. It is necessary to look economic performance as a variable that affects citizen satisfaction with democracy. Economic performance valuations affect all citizens, whether they are the majority or minority, and for that reason, the level of citizen satisfaction with democracy is not measurable. All citizens, whether in the winning or losing team, are bound to show unrest if the economy does not favor their growth as individuals. There is no possible way that the government can only satisfy the economic interests of the people who voted them into government. Any economic decision affects the whole society as a whole. ...Show more


Christopher Anderson and Christine Guillory’s article “Political Institutions and Satisfaction with Democracy is a cross-national analysis of consensus and majoritarian Systems” explores the concept of democracy through the eyes of winners and losers of a democratic competition. …
Author : howardthompson
What are the main points of debate that arise for you after completing the reading essay example
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