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Write a speech to be delivered in front of politicians, appealing to them to act for a drug-free state MATERIALS AND RESOURCES Instructional Materials: Copy of the poem Pad paper for writing Ballpen Pictures of street people doing drugs Resources: “We Real Cool” A Poem by Gwendolyn Brooks INSTRUCTIONAL PLAN Sequence of Instructional Procedures/Activities/Events (provide description and indicate approximate time for each): 1. Review/Assumptions Students already know the basic concepts in analyzing a poem such as persona, addressee and situation. They should know that the persona and the author are different. Although there are times when the situation in the poem relates closely with the experience of the author, it should be assumed that the author is thinking of another persona as his poem’s persona. 2. Presentation of New Information or Modeling: The teacher provides a brief introduction about the author, Gwendolyn Brooks and how famous her poem is (5 minutes). 3. Guided Practice: The teacher shows the way to write a speech by asking students to think of a thesis statement they can use to start the speech and asking them to identify three points for discussion. The teacher checks if the students are able to write these four ideas before they proceed with the writing (5 minutes). 4. Independent Student Practice: Students work in pairs to write a persuasive speech based on their reaction to the poem. After writing, one of the students in the pair reads the speech in front of the class (20 minutes). 5. Culminating or Closing Procedure/Activity/Event: Students choose the best speech and tell the reasons why they like it (5 minutes). Pedagogical Strategy (or Strategies): Partner work; Reader-response Approach Differentiated Instruction: Students with difficulties will be paired with those without difficulties, in the same way that those who are good in English writing will be paired with those who are not. The students are encouraged to think of three points to discuss in their speech but there is no requirement as regards the length of the speech. Student Assessment/Rubrics: The following rubrics will be used to evaluate the speech made by students: Criteria 1 2 3 4 5 1. The speech has a well-defined thesis. 2. The speech contains three main points that support the thesis. 3. The speech is persuasive; its main points are clear and true to the real-life scenario. 4. The speech is free of grammatical errors. 5. The speech is free from biases and fallacies; direct to the point and informative. “We Real Cool” A Poem by Gwendolyn Brooks The Pool Players.  Seven at the Golden Shovel. We real cool. We Left school. We Lurk late. We Strike straight. We Sing sin. We Thin gin. We Jazz June. We Die soon.  B.  Discuss how you could modify the lesson plan you provided to incorporate behaviorism. 1.  Justify a curriculum content modification in the lesson plan that incorporates behaviorism. Setting the mood of students is an important feature of the behaviorist classroom (Wheldall, 2012). Behaviorists try to avoid negative behaviors by reinforcing positive ones (Wheldall, 2012). In the given lesson, the teacher could say, “ ...Show more


Behaviorism – Task 1 LESSON PLAN Name: GENERAL INFORMATION Subject(s): English Topic or Unit of Study: Literature – “We Real Cool” A Poem by Gwendolyn Brooks Grade/Level: 8th Instructional Setting: regular classroom setting, students are paired for the writing task STANDARDS AND OBJECTIVES English Language Arts Standards for California Listening and Speaking Strategies 1.2 Paraphrase a speaker’s purpose and point of view and ask relevant questions concerning the speaker’s content, delivery, and purpose…
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Behaviorism essay example
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Behaviorism Name Institution Abstract John B. Watson established the psychological school of thought pertaining to behaviorism. Evidently, in Watson’s psychology review paper, the fundamental precincts of behaviorism were based on notion that beliefs could be changed, trained and measured.
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2 students are special education with an Independent Education Plan for mild behavior modifications. A teacher’s assistant is assigned to the classroom and a special education Resource Specialist is also available for assistance.
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Watson saw psychology from the perspective that it was not a study of the mind or consciousness; rather it was a measure of behavior and that humans like apes and rats could have their behavior objectively studied (DeMar, 1989). Behaviorists believe that behavior can be measured irrespective of the internal mental states and the objectivity of behavior measurement suggests that only the observable behaviors should be studied as the internal states like emotions and cognitions have high subjective quality to them and bear no consideration when measuring behavior (Cherry, 2012).
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According to the paper the behaviorist approach gives much more emphasis on external stimuli and assumes that much of the learned behavior is an outcome of the external factors which can be observed objectively giving little or no significance to internal stimuli. The deliberate ignoring of cognitive processes and role of biological factors in human behavior.
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The theory stresses on the concept that internal psychological processes are not necessary for explanation of behaviors; rather they are influenced by the external not an internal (mind) environment. The idea of observable behavior made it easier to collect and calculate the information during the research conduction.
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Her fear must most likely have been caused by a rough encounter with a dog when she was a child. The childhood experience of being attacked by a dog or the sight of seeing another party
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Behaviorism in Psychology
Each of the three psychologists has their different views on behavior. The ideas of Tolman, Watson and Skinner have effectively contributed to the views of behavior on modern day psychology. During thephase of obtaining degree on psychology, students need to learn about the theories of the three men. Watson theory was that altering behavior can create condition phobia. Skinner theory included operant conditioning.
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As a result, behaviorists assert that people behave as per the environments that dwell in meaning that their surroundings have a great influence over how they behave. Additionally, Watson found that
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In relation to the theory of behaviorism, students were expected to learn only basic skills such as arithmetic, reading and writing. According to behaviorism theory, learning is a permanent change is behavior that has little to
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The “mentalistic” psychology often showed much difficulty to the psychologists in relation to the disorder’s diagnosis and making of predictions concerning this disorder that was frequently tested using rigorous
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