Reflect on your own experience of change and change management.

Case Study
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All through the initial two and a half years of my employment at Realtech Technologies, I obtained an opportunity to study and operate closely with the company’s operating system at hand. Numerous software applications in use turned out to be obsolete editions. Personally, I…


At the location where I used to previously work, there existed a lot of disorder especially when it came to organizing reports, which concerned with applications of multiple softwares, given that the interface linking softwares at times created difficulty (Gill, 2002). The challenges that we encountered while using various applications at the same time resulted in the ultimate report seeming to be rather disorganized in some instances. Having gone through such an experience prepared me sufficiently for the challenges in the field, and I learnt numerous lessons that have assisted me ever since.
Obviously any new experience presents new impediments in the smooth flow of work since countless alterations have to be enforced for continuity of business as usual. I was impelled to work extra hard in my endeavour to prove my theory of change as the best and only way out of the old fashioned system. Eventually, just as the old saying goes, “Good things come to those who wait,” my tireless efforts were manifested when the management succumbed and eventually implemented my change theory. The change was not instant. It took quite a while until it began to seem that my efforts were an exercise in futility. Nevertheless I possessed the deep conviction that somehow there ought to be someone in our clientele who would notice the sweeping and impeccable presentation of data in our company. I also had a team that was not demoralised and which had presumably higher hopes than mine considering the fact that my theory of change was foreign to them before I raised it. With time, it was apparent that the company had to change with the times hence i was personally requested to overlook the overhauling of the system in its entirety with the assistance of professionals from other companies and of course my loyal team members. By the end of the overhaul of the system, I had a boosted ...
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