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1. Please state your gender Gender --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Please state the ethnic group you belong to 3. What is your age bracket? Age (Years) 16-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55+ 4. Please indicate your highest level of education A Primary B Secondary C College D University E Post Graduate 5. How many years have you been teaching pre-school? 6. Does your institution provide napping opportunities for pre-school children? (Tick as appropriate) YES NO 7. How many minutes does your institution provide for napping 8. What is the age limit for children for children to stop napping at your institution 9. Do you believe napping is beneficial to children? (Tick as appropriate) YES NO 10. Are there any noticeable differences between a child who has taken a nap and one who hasn’t? If yes, please state the differences. 11. In your opinion what are the benefits of napping to children? 12. Are there differences in napping and sleep problems for children of different racial backgrounds (Blacks vs whites). (Tick as appropriate) YES NO Please explain a little. 13. What is the interdependence between napping and child’s level of focus and movement rate? 14. Do daytime naps affect night time rest in preschool children? 15. What impact does napping have on school going children ...
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1. Please state your gender Gender - 2. Please state the ethnic group you belong to 3. What is your age bracket?…
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