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Democracy in Education

This essay stresses that adoption of democratic approach to education provision is the suitable way of correcting the mess created by Ivy League. In a democratic society, students should join any school so long as they have a minimum academic qualification. Considering non-academic and non-financial measures in preventing others from accessing education anywhere is a lack of democracy. Furthermore, the democratization of education would see equality in the strength of degrees irrespective of learning institution, which give everybody a chance to succeed in life.
This paper makes a conclusion that democracy promotes equality and fair distribution of resources by those in power. Fundamentally, democratic education systems support four aspects, that is, autonomy, diversity, openness, and interactivity. Broadly, learning is a product of societal interaction through the exchange of experiences and abilities. Currently, American society encourages education consumerism, a factor that facilitate inequitable distribution of resources. The emergence of Ivy League institutions such as Harvard, Yale, and Brown amongst the rest is disadvantaging some sections of society members. In other words, unfair admission in these schools locks out more disserving students just because they do not meet certain criteria, which is non-academic or financial. Overall, stakeholders should redesign education systems and structures to portray democratic orientation. Otherwise, quality of teaching will deteriorate significantly as institutions give soft sport to undeserving people due to favors. ...Show more


This article evaluates the concept of democracy in modern society, especially American education system. Democracy of education provision in American society and other parts of the world face a trial of fairness as well as equity. Democracy is among the critical ethos in modern societies. …
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Democracy in Education essay example
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