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English Imperialism

As the ssay discusses english imperialism can be explained in the context of old and new colonization. In the colonial years, Britain made all of its colonies to learn and speak English. To date, most countries that were colonized by Britain have English as their official language.From this paper it is clear that the imperialism theory by Galtung is used to explain imperialism. In this theory, Galtung identifies six types of imperialism including economic, political, communicative, military, social, and cultural imperialisms. Galtung considers imperialism to be a type of relationship where there is a dominant society and a minority society and the former dominates over the latter. Fragmentation, exploitation, marginalization, and penetration are the four major forces that are considered to perpetuate imperialism. Galtung in this theory considers shows the world as having a dominant centre, which in this case symbolizes the powerful nations of the west including their different interests, and the peripheries, which symbolize the developing and under-developed countries in the world. However, centres of power are shown to exist in the Centre and the peripheries and these exploit their respective peripheries. Linguistic penetration in the periphery would act as a replacement of the old crude colonial tactics. Language is the major means that is used in communicating ideas and neo-neo-colonialism is enforces its control by ideas.  ...Show more


This essay talks about linguistic imperialism which is a major aspect that is impossible to assume in the modern era. In the past twenty years, there has been significant debate and extensive literature on whether linguistic imperialism is a valid concept in the post-modern and post-capitalist era…
Author : uhomenick
English Imperialism essay example
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