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How the Environment Plays a Role in Learning

Accommodation is the process by which children learn things through the process of failure. It changes the mental representation of the things through new experiences. On the other hand, assimilation is the process through which children get to absorb new things and experiences into their already present framework. Environment is one factor that cannot be ignored in any way as through the presence of the environment, people gain newer experiences and they also learn things that they were never aware of. Learning styles are different from culture to culture and from country to country. It has been seen that people from some country are very good in numbers or very quick to comprehend things that they are not aware of, while some people have very good oratory skills and are very fluent in languages and can even learn them easily. Learning methods that are used in Asia and Africa are very strict and controlled as children are not allow questioning the teacher or their teacher’s views. While in European countries people tend to be freer in knowledge sharing and questioning teachers. This is in serious contrast with the methods that are used in Asian countries. The environments in US and other counter parts are all quite less controlled and thus children are freer in their decision making and questioning. ...Show more


Environment And Learning [University] [Instructor Name] It has been believed by those who have concepts related to the constructivism theory of learning that the human beings learn by picturing everything new that they see in the terms of what they already know (Gopnik And Schulz, 2007)…
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How the Environment Plays a Role in Learning essay example
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