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Emotional Thinking - Essay Example


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Emotional Thinking

It has become clear over time that a lot of emphasis is put on intelligence and how logical a person is and less on the emotions and how well he/she can manage them (Blell 20). Contrary to what people think that emotions come from the heart, it has been scientifically proven that they originate from the brain, a part called the limbic system. Our brain is responsible for both emotional and rational thinking and though both parts of the brain that are associated with this they are separate. Emotions were meant to be used in our thinking, together with rationale, because they come before we think and act, they are the fire that ignites our creativity and energy. This is not only useful in our personal relationships but also in our work place because when we understand what others and ourselves are feeling, it makes it easier to keep our feelings in check and relate better with others especially in a team work setting. Charles Darwin recognized the usefulness of emotions and how they are essential in our everyday life, they cannot be stopped as they are produced by the brain without our control but how we react to them and how we let them influence our lives is all up to us. Reuben Bar-On coined the word Emotional Intelligence in 1988 and in 1995; Daniel Goleman noted that Emotional Quotient (EQ) was more useful when looking for a leader than Intellectual quotient (IQ) and he introduced its importance to the workplace. It is said that, our thoughts make us or break us, these thoughts are fueled

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The author states that gender is relevant to emotional labour this is because men and women respond differently. This is derived from the biological distinctiveness as well as the influence of hormones associated with interpreting emotional experiences. Research shows that women are able to integrate information much more effectively than men are.

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by our emotions and it is therefore very important to be constantly aware of what is running through our mind. At home and in schools, we are taught on how to improve our IQ but not the EQ, which can also be improved through tuning into what we feel, and being able to clearly name and explain what emotion we are going through, this process is called self-awareness. One is encouraged to let the emotions flow through instead of blocking them or trying to ignore them, so that through this discomfort one can change. I realized that once I am aware of which emotions am going through, how they affect me, what I do and say, then I am able to know my strengths, weaknesses and limitations and learn myself better; therefore, opening me to accept feedback and positive criticism and show a bit of humor about myself. This creates self-confidence in me and I am at ease with making decisions and voicing my opinions. After being aware of the emotions going through us, it is very important to learn to regulate them and direct them in a positive way, this way they are not causing any damage to ourselves and others, this process is called self-management. Learning the act of slowing down and thinking before acting when emotions run high is very crucial; therefore, through self-management, one is able to stay composed, admit his mistakes in front of others and take responsibilities for his/her personal performance. Many people have a problem in admitting that they have shortcomings and a good number always play the victim when they go through tough times. In this step of self-management, talking to one self is of big importance, what we say when we talk to ourselves greatly contributes to the magnitude of emotions we are going through. If you notice that, your entire mind is thinking and what you are saying to yourself is negative; therefore, the best way to counter this is through positive affirmations. Once we have learnt to keep our emotions in check and control how we react, it is therefore important to know how to tune into other people’s emotions; thus, being able to see things through someone else’s eyes is called social awareness. When an individual is listened and understood by the other he/she is able to reciprocate the


In life, I have encountered many people and many different personalities and in everything, that I have learnt when it comes to relating with others is that; there is nothing as important as maturity and more so, emotional maturity. …
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Emotional Thinking essay example
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