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High School vs. College - Essay Example

There is even ample amount of difference between the purpose of attending high school and colleges. Those who attend these levels of education are of the idea that both high school and college are as different from each other as humans living on the planet earth and individuals living in other planets. This writing will focus on various differences between high school level education and college level education in the context of: classes, criteria of grading and differences in teaching styles.
Body.There is huge difference in the classes of high school level and college level. In the case of high school, students are made aware about the starting time of the class and the ending time of the class through a bell or any other alerting system. In Colleges students are expected to manage their time on their own and are expected to remain updated regarding the ending and the starting timings of the class. In high school all students follow the same course schedule and in the case of college there are both mandatory and student selected courses. In case of high school, teachers are assigned with the responsibility of ensuring that students are attending classes and for this purpose teachers maintain an attendance schedule.At the college level instructors are not required to ensure whether students have attending a class or not. The effect of the attendance on the grades of the students and criteria for required minimum attendance is set by the instructor.
There is even ample amount of difference

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Being in high school and being in college
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High School vs College
College is the next level of education after high school. A community college is best for students who have near clear goals or career choices. It differs with the four years in university in several ways. For instance, a university is more expensive but productive than the community college.
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Differences between college and high school
When one progresses in the course of study, one passes through the experience of being a high school student and then the experience of being a university student. In a comparative analysis of these experiences in the life of a student, one realizes that the experience of being a university student differ from the experience of being a high school student, and these experiences differ based on the ways of making one's choices, the learning environment, and the culture and social life of a high school and a university.
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Public School Vs. Private School: An American Debate
However, recent studies show that public school students with socioeconomic backgrounds similar to those of private school students generally outperform private school students on standardized tests. But, while public school students tend to do well in areas such as mathematics that are not socially or economically influenced, private school students still outshine in Language Arts, History, and the Sciences.
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College: A Letter to my High School Counselor
I recognize that I have an aptitude for both mathematics and science. My truer interests, however, are in the areas of philosophy, literature, and knowledge more generally. I acknowledge that, in the short run, this choice may limit my career options. In the longer run, however, I believe that I will have received a better education and that I can overcome the initial employment disadvantages.
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Online college education vs traditional
The use of the Internet has impacted the lives of people in the way they do their work. The internet revolution has also affected the educational sector. There are many sites which offer online courses especially at the college level and higher. It would be rare to find a university in the U.S. that has no internet connection and reasonable technology infrastructure.
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High school does not adequately prepare students for college
Some of those schools lack required resources whereas in some schools, the teachers are not skilled enough to build the concepts of students properly. High school teachers must
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On the other hand, the middle school model allows the students to interact within their scope and develop academic relationship among themselves. On the contrary, through the junior
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in the grading criteria at the high school level and the college education level. In case of high school, all the work that is assigned by the teacher is graded by the teacher and the total grade of the student is determined by the grades students have attained in both assignments as well as examination. In the case of college, the work assigned to students is for the students own benefit and whether to add the grades of the assignments in the final grade or not is decided by the teacher. In case of high school, teachers even provide extra credit assignments to assist students in getting better grades, but in high school instructors rarely use extra credit system. In high school if a student fails to attain passing or better grades in the examination session, they have a shot at the passing grade by performing better in the assignments. In colleges lower importance is given to assignment grades as compared to examination grades. The method that is used by the teachers to teach is quite different at the high school level as compared to the method used by professors at the college level (Sherfield 15). Professors rarely assist and accommodate students at the college level, while at the high school level teacher’s assistance are of higher degree. At the high school level, teaching is considered as up close and personal task and due to this teacher remembers the name of most of the students and they even record their traits. Teachers at the high school level ensure that student is performing well, attending classes and if the student lacks behind, the teacher may report these findings to the parents of the students to ensure that students start working hard. College level professors do not take interest in whether a student is passing or failing or even attending classes or have the required notes as students at this level are expected to manage everything on their own. Conclusion.Students experience a completely different world at the high school level and the college level of education and that is mainly because students at the college level are expected to be independent and manage their activities on their own as compared to students at the high school level. At the high school level class attendance is taken by teachers while ignored at the college level, grades at the high school level includes the combination of grades obtained through assignments and exams and at the college level, grades are based on exams only and at the high school level teachers are expected to be up close and personal to the students.


It is commonly believed that in order to live a positive future and a life of high quality, one need to attend high school level education and after its completion they should even continue studying for the higher level in college. …
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High School vs. College essay example
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