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Special Pops

TSBVI is a public school that is helped by the state. It provides special education that is designed especially to the specific needs of their students. The school’s vision, mission and philosophy have been discussed all throughout the paper too. The story of success of one of its students has been stated and reflected. This paper defined the meaning of special education, its importance and some of its history. Special Education Education is something that each one should have or possess. It is actually one of the treasures that no one could ever steal in one’s life. Living without education is hard. Uneducated people will somehow feel like living in a place where everything is not so sure. The only basis of their decisions will only be their experiences. Without education, explanations in one’s head are not enough. One of the keys to live a life to the full is to have an explanation for everything. However, what if the world tries to stop the pursuance of it? What if circumstances get along the way? People who are with disabilities should not be boxed inside their house where they are living in a new world which is then created by their own mind. The world where they and should be belong is here. They should be part of the society where they would be provided with the similar things that a normal one has. ...
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Special Education [Author’s Name] [Institution] Abstract This paper studies about special education. Special education is defined as another type of education curriculum where it is under the curriculum design that teaches students who are mentally and physically handicapped or exceptional needs, such as students with learning disabilities or mental challenges…
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