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Reflections Module 3 - Essay Example


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Reflections Module 3

*Focusing on strengths: As a teacher, focusing on strengths clearly indicate the capacity to harness core competencies and advantages. It was therefore emphasized that “as counselors, through intently listening, they “wait until they can credibly identify strengths and resources and then help clients (or gifted students) to put them to use” (Author page#). Thus, the emphasis is in identifying core competencies and being able to capitalize on these for the greater benefits of gifted students. *Respecting and fostering autonomy: This counseling tenet aims to establish autonomy, self-sufficiency, and the ability for gifted students to work independently. It could be deduced that this is closely related to focusing on the gifted students’ strengths. As their strengths have been appropriately identified, gifted students are taught to effectively use them towards their specific and distinct benefits. In the process, these students gain self-sufficiency, confidence, and the skills to work independently of others. ...
Educators assume a proactive stance in genuinely showing intent to listen to gifted students’ communication through eye contact, acknowledgement gestures (nod), confirmation through paraphrasing and summarizing the highlights of what has been shared and transcribed. *Open-ended questions: The use of open-ended question are most effective in soliciting crucial information from gifted students. It enables the educator to pry further and gather needed data which ensue from the responses

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given by the students. As such, open-ended questions are most preferred; as compared to closed-ended – which was revealed to have the ability to “shut down the conversation” (Author page#). It was therefore explicitly revealed that “questions or prompts beginning with how, what kind, what, tell me about, help me understand, or give me some examples, for example, are likely to result in complex responses, which in turn can generate additional open-ended questions or reflections” (Author page#). The objective is to gain as much information as possible which would enable educators to design appropriate instructional strategies that would cater to the distinct needs of gifted students. *Avoiding teacher/facilitator self-disclosure: It was specifically advised that self-disclosure from teachers or facilitators should be given with due diligence. As emphasized, “self-disclosure should always be judicious, culturally appropriate, and determined to be in the students’ best interest” (Author page#). Thus, the important thing to remember in this particular counseling tenet is that the educator should serve the holistic needs of the gifted students; and should therefore avoid any form of


June 3, 2015 Reflections Module 3 Based on the information you have read in the text and any experience you have had as a teacher, how would address the following counseling tenets as you plan for your gifted students? *Non-judgmental: A non-judgmental teacher was aptly described as allowing “proactive programming to stay positive and hopeful, without moving inappropriately into pushing for change” (Author page#)…
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Reflections Module 3 essay example
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