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Table of Contents

I. Introduction 3
II. Transmission Upgrade Projects Are On-going and Massive 4
III. Status Quo, Transmission Investment Needs and Plans 5
IV. Implications for Costs, Returns on Investment, Funding 8
V. On Pricing Methodologies 10


VI. Requirements from the Statutes with Regard to Upgrading Transmission Facilities 11
VII. Fair Treatment of Different NZ Regions 12
VIII. Health Issues Tied to Transmission Lines 13
IX. Consumption Patterns for Power, Optimization of Supply and Demand via Legislation and Other Mechanisms 14
X. Tying It All Up 15
References 16

I. Introduction
This paper examines the decision of Transpower to make major investments in the national grid. The analysis and examination will be done in the context of the need for such an investment; the implications of the investment in terms of funding, as well as the cost of the investment; the way all the regions of New Zealand fare in terms of the principle of fair treatment; the Electricity Commission's methodologies for pricing; the requirements from the statutes as far as enhancements to the grid infrastructure goes; issues tied to health with regard to the transmission lines; patterns of energy usage, as well as laws and incentives geared towards optimizing the demand and supply of power in the grid. The key question that needs to be answered in this paper is this: what are the major implications of putting up transmission lines in addition to the existing grid infrastructure in New Zealand?
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