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STRUCTURAL MECHANICS Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Material selection and structural mechanics of a proposed bridge Executive summary of rapid transit report by Halcrow Engineers Rapid transit report was compiled by Halcrow Group Ltd 2010. This group was assigned inspection and assessment task of Ashton Swing Bridge.


These two lanes of traffic were to be constructed on the lower deck level of the bridge. The same conclusion had already been given by Bristol city council. The second recommendation by the group was the removal of the upper part of the bridge that comprises of the stiffening plates. The third conclusion was that the weight of the proposed cantilever beam of the footway could be adequately and safely supported by the bridge. The method of analysis employed by Halcrow Group Ltd was SAM. In this analysis method, the individual members of the bridge were modeled in collaboration with section properties. The section properties were obtained from site measurements as well as original drawing scripts. In determination of the section properties of the individual members, assumption was made on their ultimate tensile strengths (UTS). These sections were accredited with low ultimate tensile strength of the main members. 2D Diagrams of the bridge A. Bridge in current use B. Cross section of the Bridge The assumption in the model for the bridge in use is that the movable part is able to move freely along x-x axis since the diagram is in 2D. The movable part has 4 degrees of freedom. The second degree of freedom is in y-y axis during lifting up and down with the help of a crane. ...
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