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The Canterbury Television Building (CTV) collapse is an excellent example of flaws in structural design leading to destruction and the attendant loss during an earthquake. This report looks at the incident from a management perspective.


This is a report on the key role players and stake holders in the Canterbury Television Building (CTV) collapse incident. The report concludes with conclusions and recommendations. The following is a list of persons/institutions that played a pivotal role in the creation of the CTV building. Mr. Reay, the Consulting Engineer, should have paid more attention to the work that was undertaken viz. the construction of the CTV building. Though he had high academic qualifications he did not spend reasonable time in the project i.e. he had a hands-off approach to it.Mr. Henry and Mr. Harding were employed by Mr. Reay in the capacity of structural engineers. Mr. Reay wanted them to design medium height multi-storeyed buildings. Mr. Henry was with Mr. Reay for a year, whereas Mr. Harding had two stints with Mr. Reay. Many draughtsmen worked on preparing structural drawings for the CTV building project. After the engineer made the architectural drawings, the draughtsmen worked out the dimensions. Mr. Graeme Tapper, was the deputy building engineer for Christchurch City Council (CCC). He raised the structural issue of the connection of the floors (diaphragms) to the north wall complex with Mr. Reay’s firm. Mr. Bryan Bluck was the building engineer for CCC at the time of the CTV Building. Reay convinced him that Tapper’s objections (see 2.1.4) were unfounded. Tapper was asked to sign on the design at Bluck’s behest. As found in the Summary and Recommendations in Volumes 5-7 & Section 6: Technical discussions on structure, Mr. Leo O’ Loughlin was the building inspector for CCC in the central city area at that time. He received the building permit application for the construction of the CTV building. He would check the documents provided with the application for missing information. He would also review parts of plans for legal compliance.
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