Canterbury Television ( CTV ) building in Christchurch

Canterbury Television ( CTV ) building in Christchurch Assignment example
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Case Analysis: The Canterbury Television (CTV) Building Incident Name Professor’s Name Course Date Executive Summary Earthquakes are increasingly becoming common in Southern Asia and Europe. New Zealand is one such country in Europe that has been hit most by earthquakes in the recent past.


However, none of these earthquakes has caused havoc and loss of lives as did the earthquake of 6.3 on Richer that hit Christchurch on 22 February 2011. This aftershock reportedly claimed 184 lives in the city. However, CTV building was the most affected, something that raised many questions from structural engineers and the public at large. This is because CTV was the only building that collapsed from the earthquake, claiming 115 lives of the 184 people who perished in the entire Christchurch. The collapse of the building has been blamed on human error associated with poor design and construction. Several key-role players and stakeholders have been associated with the incident and its consequences, which this paper seeks to examine. In addition, the paper will analyze the management and organizational factors that might have been associated with the incident. Table of Contents Table of Contents 3 Introduction 4 The key role-players 4 The key stakeholders 7 Management and organizational factors associated with the incident 9 Conclusion 10 Recommendations 10 References 10 Introduction New Zealand is one of the European countries that are very prone to earthquakes. Seismologist attributes this to its proximity to seismic zone. Associated Press (2012) reveals that very powerful earthquakes have hit the country several times in the recent past. ...
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