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The Case Study and Analysis of CTV Building Disaster Student’s Name, I.D. Name of the University The Case Study and Analysis of CTV Building Disaster Executive Summary The CTV Building disaster case study deserves a cross disciplinary treatment. Yet, the key focus should remain on the engineering aspects of the building and its collapse.


Firstly, technology management issues must be identified and discussed. Secondly, the situation prior to the incident must be discussed. Thirdly, the events that occurred during the collapse of the building should be elaborated. In this context, lack of a predetermined evacuation process deserves special mention. Fourthly and finally, the aftermath of the incident should be analysed. In recommending solutions to the earthquake resistant building design issues as witnessed in this case study, it is considered an imperative to advocate for modernising the building code and construction methods. Moreover, supervisory committees consisting of engineering professionals must be created that can consistently monitor the cityscape on the basis of practical professional knowledge. This kind of overseer committees can provide more authentic technical evaluations in the context of commercial building maintenance and management. Table of Contents 1. Introduction 4 2. Analytical discussion 4 2a. Issues in technology management 6 2b. Issues before the disaster 7 2c. Issues during the collapse 7 2d. CTV Building disaster aftermath 8 3. Summary and concluding remarks 8 4. Recommendations 9 Reference List 11 Appendix 13 1. ...
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