the CTV Building in Christchurch, collapse during the earthquake of that date

the CTV Building in Christchurch, collapse during the earthquake of that date Assignment example
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The CTV Building collapse during an earthquake Executive summary CTV Building is an office premise that had faced disintegration due to the tremors an earthquake that occurred in Christchurch. The report analyses the reasons for the collapse of the CTV Building which houses several offices and how the various stakeholders of this incident could be affected.


The building was constructed at the City centre of Christchurch. On the 22nd of February when the massive earthquake took place the most critically affected building was this CTV building. The earthquake took lives of 115 individuals working in that building. Since the happening of that incident, the structural integrity of the building has been questioned. Investigation on the construction methodology and background check revealed a long drawn record of errors relating to construction and engineering. The study aims at identifying the stakeholders who have been affected explicitly or implicitly and the key role players who had been associated with the entire incident. The study also tries to find an answer to the various management and organizational concerns relating to the issue. Case Analysis Government had sent for the Royal commission in order to find out the reasons for such casualties. The commission after the investigation posted its report which exposed the fact that the building was vulnerable at the base due to defects in the construction designs. The supporting columns did not have any flexibility and the asymmetrical layout was the reason which the building had collapsed like a pack of cards. In this context the key role players whose ignorance and carelessness has led to this massacre has to be identified. ...
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