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CTV Building in Christchurch Table of Contents Introduction 3 Discussion 3 Conclusion 7 References 8 Introduction The Canterbury TV Building of Christchurch Central City of New Zealand came into the news in February 2011 when an earthquake hit the area, killing about 115 people and causing damage to the stakeholders of the building…


But this was ignored while undertaking the construction activities. This research report makes an attempt to find the reasons and the shortcomings of the project of construction and the consequences of such disaster. Discussion This part of the essay will investigate the key reasons behind the collapse of the CTV building. The New Zealand government is trying to find out both legal and actual reasons behind the collapse of the CTV building. The Government of New Zealand stated on the basis of the Royal Commission report that the construction plan of the CTV building did not meet the standard level. In addition, the Royal Commission stated that critical deficiencies in the design and construction of the building are key reasons behind the collapse. The designing engineer of this specific building designed the building out of his competency and depth. In addition, the staff of City Council that investigated and examined the building before the earthquake were unprofessional and unskilled engineers. The building and construction minister finally said that the investigation report would be handed over to the institute of professional engineers. The government of New Zealand tried to identify the level of crime and corruption associated with the CTV building collapse. ...
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