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Production systems - Literature review Example


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Production systems

There are several factors that should be thoroughly considered by workers, managers and owners to effectively use manual assembly lines. These factors include but are not limited to the high- and medium-demand products, similar products being produced, possibility of dividing the work into segments and the impossibility of automation of tasks (Groover, 2007). There are several reasons for which manual assembly lines are favored by many producers, among them productivity. Several reasons explain the productivity of manual assembly lines. Advantages of Manual Assembly Lines The first advantage of manual assembly lines is labor specialization, which supports learning curves. Second, manual assembly lines have interchangeable parts, implying that components of a product are made to close tolerance (Li & Semyon, 2009). Third, manual assembly lines support work flow so that workers receive products at their stations through conveyor belts and other such machines. The fourth reason manual assembly lines are preferred is the existence of line spacing. In other words, workers at each stage have a time frame within which they have to complete their tasks and hand over the product to the next level (Li & Semyon, 2009). ...
e but are not limited to press fitting, snap fitting, electrical connections, adhesive applications, spot welding, component insertion, arc welding, stitching, threaded fastening, soldering and stapling among others (Kalpakjian & Schmid, 2005). Disadvantages of this production

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system include inflexible production facilities, poor build qualities compared to other production methods and a considerably superior initial capital investment. It is also associated with repetitive jobs, resulting in worker motivational issues. The Diagram below shows a manual assembly line of Creations Technologies in Changzhou, China and a Lamborghini assembly line ( Virtual Prototyping Technique In historical times, initial ideas on production and product designs relied solely on designers’ and engineers’ judgment, perceptions and experiences. In these times, physical designs would be constructed and their likely performance and viability tested (Schaaf & Faye, 2007). However, the initial samples were highly likely not to perform as expected due to the absence of mechanisms of evaluating their performance prior to the creation of actual physical products (Schaaf & Faye, 2007). Unfortunately, engineers were forced to redesign and change their initial ideas and model a number of times due to the weaknesses identified with the initial unevaluated models. Currently, engineers have to contend with increasing pressure from clients to create and build high-performance and reliable products. In addition, there is currently increased pressure for designers to reduce the time frame within which products are designed and constructed. Consequently, quite many virtual prototypes are being developed (Schaaf & Faye, 2007). In these prototypes, engineering simulation software is


Production Systems By [Name of Student] [Name of Institution] [Word Count] [Date] Manual Assembly Line Manual assembly line is perhaps the most common production system across industries and countries. In its general sense, a manual production line refers to a system of production within which many workers are being assigned tasks in an organized manner so that each plays a role in the creation of a single or a range of products (Groover, 2007)…
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