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Impact and Flexure Tests on Hampfibre An analysis of the given data. Analysis Before analyzing the given data, we must have a look at the basic preliminaries and definitions about the deformation, impact velocity, Hooke’s law and others, Deformation Deformation is the study in continuum mechanics which defines the transformation of an object (material) from its original (reference) shape to a newly adapted form.


In ideal scenario the velocity of the impacting object must not be reduced to 0 and it rarely happens in practical situations. velocity_(impact) = (m_1\vec v_(1f) + m2 vec v_(2f))/m_1 ~ Vec_v shows the velocity vector*. Hooke’s law Hooke’s law is a concept of classical mechanics which discusses the force needed to compress or extend the shape by an amount X (distance). Hooke’s law is also a measure of the deformation of solid bodies as long as deformation impact is small. It is also defined as the first order linear approximation or the material response studied in material science and material engineering (Bansal, 2010). Plastic region: Area under the stress-strain graph after bypassing which, the permanent change and deformation in a material starts occurring. This plastic region is shown in the stress strain graph as the highest point in the curve. Before plastic limit, there is an elastic limit under which the material does not deform itself but it remained confined in the actuality of its originality. ...
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