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NFC and Mobile Payment Technology [Student’s Name] [Course] [Instructor’s Name] [Date] NFC and Mobile Payment Technology Introduction: If the graph of technology in the past few decades is noticed then it can easily be noted that its growth has been very swift and rapid.


It has made some unexpected communication processes possible and quicker at the same time. The purpose of this essay is to discuss and analyze NFC and mobile payment technology. Moreover, this paper will also discuss the societal and cultural impacts of NFC and Mobile payment technology. Figure 1: Life with NFC technology (Rackley, 2011) Understanding the New Trends; NFC and Mobile Payments: Saving time and labor, these new shifts in communication technology have helped the mankind in every possible way. However, it has set new trends in this world as well. Processes, which used to take weeks and months, are now just a click and touch away. Near Field Communication generally known as NFC is a kind of application or a standardized setting in the smart phones and all other similar devices such as tablets, iPads etc. The basic purpose of NFC is to set up a radio communication between smart phones or others devices by bringing them in touch with each other or at least in close immediacy depending on the requirements of the device. Once the connection has been established, a lot of tasks can be performed through it, such as contactless transactions, exchange of data / information, or a set up of multifaceted communications e.g. Wi-Fi. The communication can also be established between a NFC device and a powered off NFC chip (tag) (Coskun, Ok, & Ozdenizci, 2011). ...
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