Wheel Nut with Mechanical Locking/Unlocking Device

Wheel Nut with Mechanical Locking/Unlocking Device Assignment example
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The wheel nut required in this context must have specific features to enable it adapt to its use of fastening a heavy wheel to a spindle. The single nut must bear the weight of the wheel as it hangs on the spindle and further support the weight of the wheel while in motion during rotation.


The two features demand that the nut have particular strength features and endurance to prevent unprecedented detachment. Additionally, the nut must have a secure locking and unlocking mechanism to enable the replacement of the wheel in case of damage. The design of the nut consequently influences the design of the wheel to ensure compatibility thus efficiency. The design of the two relies on the features of the spindle such as its load capacity and the velocity of rotations (Hyldgaard, Delahousse & Meganck, 2009). Given the requirement of the nut, the best design of the nut capable of ensuring the load capacity and the rotation of the wheel would be a lug nut. To increase its efficiency and inconsideration of the features of the wheel, instead of a nut the design changes to that of a lug bolt. Lug nuts just as the rest of the bolted nuts have increased endurance since they attach themselves on the threads of the wheel from inside. This makes it more difficult for the nuts to loosen because of the fretting induced precession as the spindle spins (Willard, 1997). In this context, the wheel will carry a load of a particular capacity; the endurance of the lug nut must therefore bear the weight by spreading it equally across the four nuts used in fastening the wheel to the spindle. ...
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