Engineering and Construction
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Complete Name of Student Complete Name of Professor Subject Description 9 September 2013 General Activities S Curve Manpower Utilization Chart There are several ways that can be done in order to reduce the peaks of manpower. First, jobs that can be combined together particularly during the excavation phase can be carried out in order to reduce the number of workers.


And this is apart from the fact that project cost is curbed significantly. Another way is to extend the deadline of the project. By extending the deadline of the project, the same workers are given the chance to work on the subsequent stages of the construction and by doing this, less manpower will be need to carry out various tasks. This is a sort of delaying the duration a little bit to preclude the possibility of hiring more workers. Significantly, the least even cost distribution can be found in the site work in which cost for each worker is relatively higher as compared to other phases of the project. For instance, landscape workers are paid more than twice workers from other phases receive.
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