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The Abandoned Vehicle Problem: Creating a Recycling Company Name Institution The Abandoned Vehicle Problem: Creating a Recycling Company Introduction The abandoned vehicle problem is a significant difficulty that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is facing nowadays.


However, government has to take concrete measures to reduce vehicle abandonment. But, then why government has to intervene and why not any of the corporate entities can do the job. Governmental intervention is necessary because it has the financial and human ability that is needed to manage, control and reduce the vehicle abandonment problem. The involvement of corporate entity in the process of managing the featured problem is ill-advised because corporations always look to maximize their returns and they are least bothered about the provision of societal benefit (Richard, 2007). The project that will be developed in order to control vehicle abandonment is societal in nature and therefore, government is the best institution for running and managing it. Secondly, Saudi Arabian technological outlook is not very notable and therefore, the country has already outsourced its major operations to foreign contractors (Algehtani, 2003). The development of recycling company should not be different. The proposal of outsourcing vehicle destruction and recycling is presented because technological development needed to do the job locally is astronomically expensive. ...
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