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Scoping Report Name: Institution Date Cover Letter The Manager, Dunedin’s Engineering and Construction Department, 41 Wharf St, 17th Sep. 2013 Our ref: Scope 001 RE: Scoping Report for the building and Development of the waterfront hotel in Dunedin Dear Sir, I hereby refer to your correspondence in relation to the scoping report for the building and Development of the waterfront hotel in Dunedin.


In the report, there is a summary of the issues that cropped up in the scoping process, some of which need to be addressed in the full AEE. Some of the relevant issues for consideration include environmental impacts such as pollution, legal considerations and accessibility. In case of any queries, kindly contact the person undersigned. Sincerely, _____________ Department Manager, Engineering Section. Development of the waterfront hotel in Dunedin: Scoping Report Introduction Purpose and need The scoping process is necessary for identification of various issues such as land, conflicts the environment, ecological issues, cultural issues, health issues and social issues. In order to have a viable scoping report, it was essential that various public meetings were held. The scoping process is more so important in that it identifies all the relevant issues. Such issues stem from the introduction of information or some changes in circumstances. Addressing of the environmental impacts is also essential due to various concerns that may arise. It can also be relevant to address that might need realignment due to new information. Planning area The proposed project is the building of a 27 storey, five star hotels on an unused section of industrial land. This land is located near Dunedin at 41 Wharf St. ...
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