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Contents Abstract 1 Introduction 2 Overview of Huntly Power Plant 4 Principles of Huntly Power Plant 4 Commission of Unit 1-4 4 Commission of Unit 5 5 Commission of Unit 6 5 Overview of Resource Consents Held by Huntly Power Plant 6 The plant holds various types of resource consents as it is responsible for emancipating pollutants in air, water, dust and ashes.


The government despite of knowing about all environmental disturbances is forced to tolerate as it does not have any alternative source of energy production. 6 Resource Management Act 6 Overview of Resource Consents 6 Aquatic Resource Consent owned by Huntly Power Plant 7 Environmental Effects of Aquatic Resource Consent 7 References 8 Glossary 9 Abstract The paper is written in order to discuss environmental costs and ramifications of operationalization of Huntly Power Plant. The featured power plant is working to provide electricity to majority of people living in the country of New Zealand and therefore, government’s hands are tied when it comes to regulation of the Power Plant. Additionally, all of the source consents owned by the plant are designed to delay the inevitable of global environmental destruction. The Huntly Power Plant: An Analysis of Environmental and Societal Costs Introduction The power generation business is one of the most important work-lines in the world. These facilities are primarily responsible for generating and supplying electric power to industrial and residential areas. But, these power plants are running on oil and therefore, their operational costs are increasing significantly on an annual basis. ...
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