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Hurricane Katrina - Essay Example

In the year 2005, one of the major calamities to have ever hit the world dawned in some regions of America in the form of Hurricane Katrina. The most affected region was the south coast of Mexico in the cities of Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. The effects were much alarming as thousands of people lost their lives, properties destroyed, and infrastructure brought down leaving people in a more devastating position. This caught the attention of the government; the accidents had become routine but in this case, the authority could no longer sit back and watch. The government instead appointed a group of Engineers from the army to carry out intensive investigation and recommendations. The research team comprised of two groups: the United States Army Corps of Engineers who were responsible for the actual field investigation and the American Society of Civil Engineers who were to carry out intensive review of the report by USCE (Harris et al, 2013).
Engineers are held responsible for the failure of protection levees because of the many engineering failures that had not been considered during the design phase of the project. During the construction of the levee, engineers failed to consider the strength of the soil with which the construction was to take place, and this triggered the occurrence of the shear pressure, since the soil was too soft to hold the infrastructure. This is attributed to the poor judgment of the site engineers who were laying the foundational analysis. Another factor

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Hurricane katrina
Different stories told by eyewitnesses highlight the severity of the New Orleans police department with lots of malfeasance they committed against civilians. This and many other episodes from the city after Katrina hurricane are well emphasized in the paper aiming at the main concepts and empirical studies the authors managed to collect in the book under analysis.
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Hurricane Katrina
In addition, it has been possible to predict the occurrence of a disastrous event even though the level of precision has been an issue of concern. Disasters in both recent and ancient times have claimed several lives, destroyed property and altered the environment.
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There may be some tinkering left to do regarding the story f the worst natural disaster in modern American history-some i's to dot and t's to cross-but the combination f Brinkley's skills as a historian and reporter, his proximity to the tragedy (being a New Orleans resident), and his willingness to call attention to the failures f virtually every key government official up and down the command chain yields a powerful, emotionally affecting book that virtually doubles as an Encyclopedia Katrina.
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Hurricane Katrina has become the most destructive and costliest natural disaster in the history of the United States. The 2005 Atlantic hurricane season went down in the history as a record-breaking season. It had some so many named hurricanes that the weather centre ran out of names for its storms and had to start out on the Greek alphabets.
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And then there are unavoidable issues regarding what the latest normal life may be, why people would inhabit an environmentally perilous location in the first place, and what madness would make them desire to reconstruct or rebuild in the same place. The objective of this essay is to provide a commentary on the tragic event that transpired in New Orleans Metropolitan Area, to explore the reason such a calamity was hardly unforeseen, and to contemplate on a number of geographical potentialities of a post-Katrina New Orleans.
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Hurricane Katrina
After the disaster according to Gallup & Newport (2007), the government asked for assistance from the European Union, asking for medical kits, food stuffs
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Many regions were submerged along the coast on differeing wind strengths  in a particular place at some time. There are various perspectives, from which
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that exposed the weakness of the engineers was the wrong calculation of the street canal; it was constructed at a closer range to the margin allowing the system to become weak with time.
This tragedy of Hurricane Katrina gives a clear picture of the importance of Engineers knowledge on the lives of people, and the consequences of a failure by engineers in the course of executing ideas. Engineers do have professional codes of Ethics that greatly guide during operations. In regard to this incident, there were various codes that had been violated and hence the breaking down of the levee. Engineers are supposed to follow their ethics to the letter; they should “hold paramount the safety, health, and welfare of the public” (“Engineering Ethics: Engineering Guide and Review,” 2013). In regard to this incident, it shows that there was slight negligence in following the requirement of this ethic; that is, consideration of peoples safety. The role of an engineer in the society is to provide a solution to a problem. Realization of impending danger due to inadequate designs is enough to be considered a problem, as it endangers the lives of people. According to engineering ethics, human safety is the first priority; therefore, in such a situation, an engineer is supposed to advice for an immediate construction of another well designed levee that would offer more safety to the people. According


There have been various calamities that have stricken many nations across the world over the past decades; one of the most recent is the Hurricane Katrina that hit America in Gulf of Mexico region, resulting in major losses including numerous casualties. …
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Hurricane Katrina essay example
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