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HIGH DAM ASWAN Name: Institution: High Dam Aswan The High Dam at Aswan was built across the Nile between two short valleys, Khor Kundi and Khor Agama that descend the east bank at right angles to the river near the head of the first cataract, which is approximately 680 miles south of the sea, 590 miles south of Cairo, and 40 miles north of the Tropic of Cancer.


The choice of this site for the dam was determined by the amount of water that was necessary to impound to make Egypt independent of the annual flood. The old dam had carried the yearly control of the Nile to its limit without altering the country’s dependence on flood and the only way to advance past its position, to ensure independence of the river’s vagaries, was to impound enough water for a number of years. Daninos had marked the existence of a very large natural basin to the south of Aswan town capable of offering century storage if the gap caused by the Nile in its northern rim were closed. An aerial survey with five-meter contours confirmed the truth of the Daninos claims and it remained then the only one to choose the most suitable location within the agreed site. The Nile cut out deep trenches into the rainless region stretching from Khartoum to Aswan. Its journey lies through an extensive sandstone plateau that is broken at intervals by the granite that has crystallized and hardened through the ages and tilted in tougher layers. ...
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