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3D Printing and Remote Manufacturing Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract The world is experiencing rapid changes in technology with the present day looking very different as compared to some decades ago. The rate at which these changes occur gives an indication that in a few years to come, newer things will have emerged.


The realization of many softwares’ through computer aided designs has enabled this technology to gain popularity, with many opting to adopt it due to its overwhelming convenience. This essay discusses 3D printing including its impacts on the society and the reasons as to why this technology will do better in the near future. Basing it on other similar proven technologies that people had no idea about before their innovation, but later did well after introduction, there is no doubt that 3D printing will be a force to reckon in the near future. Keywords: 3D Printing, Remote Manufacturing, Society, Impact, Future, Technology Introduction Three D (3D) printing is the process of making three dimensional objects in solid form from a digital model (Novel, 2013). To achieve this, objects are arranged in layers and additives are used through an additive process. 3D printing process involves application of digital technology; this technology involves the use of computer files and softwares to make desired 3D designs. Structures are made to lie on each other through computer aided designs. Blueprints are made and virtual objects are used to make hard copies created from plastics and metal alloys. 3D printing started in 1984 (Novel, 2013). 3D printing has been one of the most popular design manufacturing technologies. ...
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