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Project proposal

Smart phones are also less expensive compared to other dedicated home security systems. In addition, the most efficient and best equipment for monitoring is the one you have full access to, phone is what we always have full access to. This is the reason why integrating smart phones into a system of monitoring home security is a great idea. The same reason justifies why small and mid-sized companies are inventing new mechanisms of integrating smart phones into a system of monitoring home security (Wells, 2004). Aims The aims of this research study include: To identify and discuss the existing home security system technologies To discuss the existing challenges and problems with the existing technologies To recommend possible solutions to the identified challenges To design, build, and test a domestic monitoring system in a domestic environment to proof these systems accuracy The main objectives of the project are: To design a domestic monitoring system To build and test hardware in a domestic environment to proof these systems accuracy To simulate these monitoring systems using ORCAD PSPICE To investigate the viability of this system in real world. Literature review/ Problem definition Monitoring home security systems are built from a combination of devices working together as a system in order to protect our homes and families from fires, carbon monoxide, break-ins, and floods among other dangers (Mueller, 2005). Monitoring security alarm system infers that specialists remain on duty all

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the time ready to act on any emerging dangers. There are existing home security technologies currently existing and are being used. Some of the existing technologies include Canary Home Security Device and iZon Wi-Fi Video Monitor. Canary together with its sensors can be packed for monitoring a home. It entails microphone, HD video camera and motion detector (Wells, 2004). Canary Home Security Device does not detect what even is going on, but alerts when things change suddenly. This may be the problem as the device alerts you wherever there is change in events that may not be necessarily security danger. Canary device can be connected to smart phones and alerts received wherever you are. This is a solution to the problem of having specialists present at the scene all the times to monitor your home. iZon Wi-Fi Video Monitor is another good solution to home security system. It records and uploads events inform of a video to your You Tube account. Smart phone is another possible solution of having to come back home and watch the events that took place. You can simply get alert on your smart phone anytime anywhere whenever the events unfolds (Florax, De Groot & Mulder, 2011). Plan of work (Methodologies) The complexity and cost of monitoring home security systems is no longer an excuse not to protect homes. With smart phone and other right products one is able to put together an affordable, functional home security system. In order to do this, we will use a smart phone to help people monitor any event going on around and in their homes. First we will design, build test a domestic monitoring system, and test it in a domestic environment in order to proof these systems accuracy. We will also simulate the monitoring systems using ORCAD PSPICE. Finally, we will investigate the viability of this system in real world.


Monitoring home security and energy saving systems using smart phones Abdirahman Sultan Electrical and Electronic Engineering BSc Mohammad Masud Rana Abstract/Introduction: Monitoring home security system involves sensors that with ability to detect activities taking place around and in our homes, and additional equipment that is connected to the sensors to enable us monitor such events…
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Project proposal essay example
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