Explain why regarding the complex project as a 'system' or 'group of integrated systems' will help us to ensure delivery

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Integrated Systems towards the insurance of Customer objectives in the Construction Industry In the field of construction, as well as any other highly technical institution or operation requiring an extensive hierarchical and organizational structure there exists a perennial problem of achieving objectives while satisfying clients or constituents.


Statement of Problem For any Corporation, as well as government or other service institutions the challenge is to deliver specialized services to a particular clientele yet in doing so in an efficient manner. It might be possible for a company to offer extremely favorable terms and financially unsustainable discounts on goods and services in order to attract customers in the short term, but there is a limit to the amount that can be given away as a gesture of goodwill. A company must also demonstrate inefficiency in its operations and organization in order to remain profitable and viable. On the other hand, an operation thinking only of the efficiency and interest of itself and its highest ranking members will be unable to draw new clients/customers competitively. With concern only for the interest of the operation internally, it becomes a virtual impossibility to be attractive to outside customers. Therefore, such an operation will be unable to grow – and will suffer the loss of new business to competitors. There are numerous variations on this theme, but ultimately the construction organization – for any other company providing services to clientele must strike a balance between these extremes. ...
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