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Name: Institution: Course: Tutor: Date: Abstract Advances in science have sophisticated and integrated today’s clinical services more so on the organ transplantation and other dimensions in the field of health care. This involves application of organ preservation protocols in order to deliver high quality donor organs; through the organ exchange network and matching the most suitable patient with the best available organ to eliminate cases of graft dysfunction and/or ischaemia reperfusion injuries.


This paper seeks to analyze history of organ transplant, what happens to blood flow and metabolism; the length of time the tissue is available for transplant, size of the tissue in relation to efficacy of the methods of preservation, energy balance at the tissue/organ surface and how this may appropriate particular method, and the methods that are used in conjunction with hypothermia. Introduction Organ transplant is the effective therapy for end-state organ failure which primarily depends on the supply of organs of high quality and efficacy. It was developed in 1960’s based on the functional knowledge by anatomists and physiologists on the requirements of to keep body organs viable and functioning outside the body. Organ preservation on the other hand acts as a logistic aspect to enable conducting of laboratory tests and organization of other clinical activities before the actual transplant (Toledo-Pereyra, 3). Organ preservation simply calls for slowing biological deterioration in organs removed from their normal physiological environment necessitating advancement of methods and approaches to achieve the process. ...
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