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SMUGGLING MESSAGES ACROSS INTERNET Name Course Tutor’s Name Date Electrical Computer Engineering is a field based on computers software, hardware, and electronic knowledge. Such field encompasses computer science and electrical engineering. Electrical Computer Engineering is a discipline that consists of various disciplines like robotics, telecommunication, computing, wireless communications, bioengineering, photonics, electromagnetic and power and energy.


article and give my opinion on possible impact of software technology in smuggling of message in the society today. Moreover, I will research for two other articles that relates to the same technology and provide supplementary information that the article highlights for the same technology. Mazurczyk et al. introduces the article using one of the crimes committed by Russian spies in the United States using computer’s software. However, United States people assumed the Russians to be ordinary US residents but turned out to be spies of Russian Foreign Intelligence Service. Mazurczyk indicated that the spies’ mission was to gather information about the United States policies and programs (2013). Thus, for many years, the spies prevented discovery by hiding secret communication on apparently acquitted pictures posted on public websites. Thus, the spies encoded and decoded the information gathered using personalized software. However, the United States Department of Justice detected the spies’ schemes, helping the United States build a case against Russian spies. Thus, in June 2010, the federal government in United States arrested ten suspected spies who owned up to the act of smuggling information. ...
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