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Fall Protection in Residential Construction [Name] [Institution] Fall Protection in Residential Construction Introduction Falls from height is currently one of the leading causes of serious injuries and fatalities among workers engaged in the residential construction industry.


However, a number of Federal rules have recently been enacted to protect residential construction workers from falls as well as limit the occurrence of such accidents. The OSHA fall protection in residential construction requirements particularly describes a number of methods that can be used by residential construction employers to protect their workers against fall related injuries and deaths during the construction process. Despite providing a number of potential benefits including preventing loss of lives due to fall related accidents, fall protection in residential also comes with a number of challenges and limitations. This paper critically discusses fall protection in residential construction with particular focus to the examples advantages, disadvantages and consequences of the various fall protection regulations for residential construction. Fall Protection Standards and Regulations There are a number of both Federal and state regulations that have been primarily designed to provide technical measures aimed at reducing the number of fall related accidents and fatalities. Prior to the issuance of the new directive, OSHA’s interim fall protection compliance regulations provided most of the fall protection guidelines used in residential construction. ...
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