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Organizational Structures Name: Professor: Course: Date 1. A medium sized local Building Construction Firm (a corporation) in South Florida (doing business only in South Florida) currently organizes its projects based on a pure Functional Organization Structure.


It is most suitable for firms that deal in single line of product or services. He above mentioned company equally fits to this structure since it deals with single product line. Functional structures have become the most common type of organization structures and are quickly evolving from high levels of specialization to higher levels of efficiency. Therefore, of the middle sized firm in Sothern Florida, the following functional organization structure would be most suitable for their operations. The functional organization formed by this company needs to consist of a single authority known as the top management. Under the top management, there are many small specialized units that report to it. The top management is where power is emanating from, downwards to the other simple organizational units. The specialized units on the others need to contain people grouped in terms of similarities i.e. possessing various skills. Within this structure, each of these units is meant to handle an aspect of the product or service being dealt with. Since this is a building and construction company, there is need for group specialization i.e. people specialized in a given area placed together to perform a given task. This leads to high levels of accuracy as well as consistency in the quality. ...
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