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Safety Culture in Healthcare Organizations By Name Course Course Instructor Date Organizational culture is an important aspect of every organization, as this influences different aspects in the organization. Similarly, safety is a core aspect in organizations, as this ensures the wellness of workers and any other people within the organization.


Nonetheless, this essay focuses on the safety culture in healthcare organizations. According to Power (2011), having a culture that promotes and supports safety has been identified as core to improving safety in the healthcare sector, as well as other organizations. For this reason, healthcare organizations today are adopting concepts of safety culture from other high-reliability industries such as nuclear energy and aviation. This includes the implementation of teamwork and communication models in healthcare organizations. In addition, this involves the creation of work environments that promote the safety of patients. In doing this, healthcare organizations have the goal of becoming high-reliability organizations (ECRI Institute 2009). In the context of the healthcare organization, safety culture encompasses different aspects, including “belief that harm is untenable, ability to speak up and raise concerns, obligation to listen when others have a concern, recognition of personal and organizational hazards, and obligation to work as a team” (ECRI Institute 2009, p. 2). Safety culture in a healthcare organization also involves commitment to safety by the highest levels of the organization (Occupational Safety & Health Administration n.d). ...
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