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Name: University: Course: Tutor: Date: The Pan American Road When and How the Road’s Existence Was Decided On The idea for a Trans American route was conceived as early as 1889 during the first Pan-American Conference which was held in Washington, D.C. The original idea however, was not for highway but for a railway.


By this time, after the industrial revolution, it had become clear that the two American continents not only needed to be connected but that they also needed to be have a good network of roads which would connect economically strategic points all over the two continents. The idea was however for development of a single route rather than a network of roads. It was however only until On 29 July 1937 that the United States and eleven countries from South American country managed to sign a convention that would help in each of the countries doing their part in the completion of the highway. By 1950, Mexico finished its portion of the highway and became the first state from the South American continent to finish its portion of the Pan American Road. The rest of he states also cleared their portions later and the highway was completely. However, the highway lacks uniformity because there were no clear standards to help in making sure that the road will have the same standards. Roads Previously In Place along the Current Pan Am Route While the Pan American Highway was an idea on its own, most of the roads which today constitute the Pan American Highway were already there and existed way before the countries agreed to build the Pan American Highway. ...
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