Wind power for water desalination including a comparison with solar power desalination

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The two major problems that the world is facing are the water scarcity and green house emission. There should be such systems that have the capacity to encounter both the both problems.


Sew water desalination through the renewable energy resources can solve the problem. Wind energy has the most potential in the coastal regions of the world due to high availability of wind. Wind desalination utilized the RO, MVC and ED techniques to desalinate the sea water. RO method of desalination is considered the most efficient method of desalination. Wind desalination has many advantages over solar desalination, particularly at coastal regions. The advanced wind turbines have more efficiencies than that of the previous designs. On the other hand the desalination methods involving coupling of solar and wind energy are much efficient. TVC desalination method can couple solar and wind energy. Greece is facing the water scarcity and desalination is the most effective and efficient method to provide fresh water for the economic and social growth of the country. Some Greece islands are facing droughts and desalination is the economic solution. Greece islands have major coastal regions, which can be considered suitable to harness the wind energy for the desalination. ...
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