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Impact of Technology on Maori and Bushman Societies Author’s Name Institutional Affiliation Abstract The Maori people lived in the densely forested regions of the northern islands, before the advancement in technology came in to alter their lifestyle, social, and economic activities.


People have intermarried reducing the pure generation that can claim to be Maori. Contrary, the Bushmen in Africa have not received significant changes in their social or economic lives, hence failing to realize the major benefits that come with technology. This paper presents an in depth comparison between the two communities based on the past and current technological developments, and in the general society. Keywords: Maori, Bushmen, San, Society, Indigenous People, New Zealand, Southern Africa, European Settlers, Urban, Rural, Technological Development, Population , Culture, Social, Economical, Historical, Agriculture, Communication, Education, Modern World Introduction Technology is the backbone of every society’s civilization and human development. It is used to make things easier, of more quality, and in increased quantity. Some eliminate human roles and interventions acting to reduce long term costs and saving time. Technologies have evolved over time, and are commonly used in different fields such as medicine, transportation, agriculture, food preservation, administration, industrial production and processes, military, education systems, and entertainment. All these have affected the human lifestyles and activities in one way or the other, depending on how accessible the technology is. ...
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