Geology Of The Area. Sources Of Natural Materials and Construction Problems.

Geology Of The Area. Sources Of Natural Materials and Construction Problems. Essay example
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According to Amelin et al., (2002), geology is the science comprising of the study of solid earth, the rocks of which it is composed of, and the processes by which they change. The area given on the map consists of three different rock layers including sandstone, mudstone and limestone.


It is composed of quartz or feldspar since they are the most common minerals in the earth crust. The colors of sandstone have been identified with several regions because their beds often form very highly visible cliffs. It usually allows water and other fluids to percolate; additionally sandstone is porous enough to store large quantities of fluids, therefore, are valuable aquifers and reservoirs of petroleum. It finds application in house wares and domestic construction. Structurally, they can be fragments of pre existing rock or mono-mineralic crystals. These rocks are very strong especially when mature therefore suitable for construction purposes. Mudstone-according to the map it is elbow-shaped and uniformly distributed in the map. This is a fine grained sedimentary rock. Its original constituents were clays or mud their individual size can only be identified with the help of a microscope. It has no layers due to original texture or disruption of layering by burrowing organisms prior to lithification. It may show crack or fissures depending on how it is formed. According to Dunham (1962), the classification of limestone, a mudstone is a carbonate rock with less than 10% allochens in carbonate mud matrix. Mudstone is a soft rock material therefore is not appropriate for construction purposes. ...
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