Widening a Bridge called Wonboyn River bridge

Widening a Bridge called Wonboyn River bridge Assignment example
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Wonboyn River Bridge
1. Transportation of Post-tensioned concrete slabs
1.1. Transport Means
The transportation of the concrete slabs requires the consideration of several factors. This is because the concrete slabs cannot pass on top of the construction at this point.


There will be the risk of the bridge construction falling. The transportation has to wait for the dry season for the slabs to pass through dry ground. The components of the bridge at this point require minimum tension until the slabs are laid and until they dry up. Alternatively, the constructors can transport the slabs across the river through the old pier. The pier is strong and can support the movement of all equipment and construction materials. If they must be transported across the river, then there must be large stable boats to carry them across the flowing river. Figure 1: Under bridge support 1.1. Safety of the transport The weights of the slabs have to be controlled so that the boat cannot capsize in the water. At the same time, the strength of the slabs and the shape has to remain intact. In the decision to pass the slabs through the old pier, the construction company can use larger stronger transport means such as Lorries. However, the construction company will have to acquire a crane to enable them lift the heavy slabs during the actual laying of the slabs and the accompanying concrete. The progress of the construction cannot be interfered with by the transportation of then materials. The two processes can move on concurrently. ...
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