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Indian Space Programme Introduction/Significance of the Study: India is a country that has broken free of the shackles of their colonial past and emerged as a super power, shedding the hangover of their traditional image. Similarly, with the advent of technology, humans have become capable of achieving impossible feats as time goes by.


However, there was another country, which made the dream of going to space its own, and this was a developing nation situated in Asia, known by the name ‘India.’ The Indians, although lagging in terms of national progress and technological advancement, still developed their own space technology and finally sent their first human to space shortly after the same was done by the former mentioned countries. Since then India has dedicated its time and efforts to strenuously enhance in the field of space technology and reach further heights, which decades ago, was not even imagined of. Pallava Bagla, one of India’s prominent science commentators, and author of ‘Destination Moon: India’s Quest for Moon, Mars and Beyond’ highlights that where it was the “US against the Soviets” in the last century’s space race, however, in the present century this space race means “India against China (Burke, 2013: 1). The topic of space travel and allied programmes in the context of the world in general and India in particular assumes great scope in the present day, as it may pave the way for future progress on various aspects. Besides, India is a nation that always strives to forge friendly relations with other countries, especially the UK and US. ...
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