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ASSIGNMENT NUMBER 3 Question 1 Describe the steps you take to determine (1) Operational Feasibility (will it work?); (2) Technical Feasibility (can it be built?); (3) Location Feasibility (can a site be found?); (4) Economic Feasibility (will it make economic sense?


Whether or not a power plant can be built on a specific location is determine by carrying out technical surveys based on following recommendations. Supply of raw material to the place is convenient .i.e. the construction site is provided by roads to transport goods to that part of the area. Must have ample space to accommodate construction machinery. Must have proper area for dumping mud extracted from the construction site. Quebec is rich in places that are suitable for the construction of power plant. For the construction of such a facility in Quebec, following considerations are followed. Facility must be having environmental conditions that support the construction and running of power plant, e.g. Most of the year temperature should be below freezing point and less prone to tornadoes. Facility must be having suitable area for the construction of such a large project. It is better to choose the facility near geysers; therefore, less fuel will be required. Location selected must be close to the facility, so that less investment is required to lay down the electric cable system and less line losses are build. Before establishing such a huge project, most important thing is to carry out economic analysis. To keep the plant running after start up, its economic analysis must be done before time. ...
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