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Gullfaks Oil field Name Professor Institution Course Date 1.0. Introduction Outline of the Field Gullfaks represents a Tampen Spur, which is the shallowest structural element formed during Upper Jurassic to Lower Cretaceous elements (Fossen & Hesthammer, 1998).


Well Location and Spacing Gullfaks is a gas and oil field geographically situated in the Northern part of the Norwegian Sea since in 1987 when it started its full operation though unveiled a bit earlier in 1978 (Vassiliou, 2009, p. 475). The gap between its start of operation and invention signifies immense task involved in ascertaining whether both its recoverable as well as non-recoverable reserves were capable of guaranteeing the then anticipated capacity. The field’s location is at 34/10 block, which extends 175 km N. West of Bergen and occupies an area of 155 km2 (Vassiliou, 2009). History Oil exploration in the location where Gullfaks main field occupies started after the discovery of Brent Field in 1971. Hence, revealing the prospects of occurrence of Middle Jurassic Brent group sentiments, which are significant and highly rich hydrocarbon reservoirs. The first licensing that saw inception of drilling was in 1978 whereby the first well (34/10-1) managed to go through Jurassic section and encountered approximately 160 m width of oil-filled Brent sandstones region. This comprised of a column, which extends to the basement of Brent Group. Other four wells that followed the initial well were 34/10-3, -4, -5 and -6 whose respective locations are in the western region. ...
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