Condition monitoring - fault detection and diagnosis

Condition monitoring - fault detection and diagnosis Dissertation example
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The Exploitation of Information Technologies for Machinery Condition Monitoring Introduction to Condition Monitoring Condition monitoring is carried out in various industries to ensure the reliability and state of machine health. Principally condition monitoring allows maintenance personnel to monitor machine health by measuring certain key variables that are related to machine element performance.


The use of condition monitoring can be seen as a development from preventive maintenance, which itself developed from break down maintenance. Modern process requirements demand greater availability and reliability of machines which can only be provided through accurate monitoring of machine health. This allows maintenance personnel to determine the best possible course of action based on knowledge available from condition monitoring (Mahamad, 2010). Condition monitoring has found greater favour in maintenance circles based on savings and system simplification provided by it. Not only does condition monitoring allow the operator to make correct and on time maintenance decisions, it also allows a reduction in maintenance costs. The improvements offered in terms of greater system availability also provide direct financial benefit to processes that cannot afford to have significant maintenance delays. Overall a sizable reduction in maintenance costs and direct fiscal benefits offered by more reliable machines has pushed condition monitoring to the forefront of maintenance globally (Fuqing, 2011). ...
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