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Ladders and Stairs: Ensuring Safety Name Institution Professor Course name Date of submission Climbing up and down ladders and stairs seems so simple but then looking at the number of fatalities the exercise causes needs us to consider the matter deeply. The figures provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics regarding accidents from ladders and stairs serves as an indication that the efficient use of ladder and stairs is fully applied.


Many authors and bodies notably OSHA (2003) and Ellis (2012) whose contributions will be reviewed in this essay have addressed the effective design and use of ladders and stairs. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2012) fourteen percent of all workers deaths is a result of falls, 34% of this occurring in the construction industries where most deaths are due to ladders (quoted in Ellis, 2012). Whereas most of the falls occur from heights above 15ft, falls from low heights prove to be equally fatal. The cost implications of these accidents are so high and the best we can do is device means to reduce the accidents. Ellis (2012) maintains that the three-point control ladder climbing strategy could efficiently reduce the number of ladder deaths and other injuries. He further assets that changes in process and design offers ladder users better protection from the fatalities. Ellis offers an explanation of what the three-point control involves and how different it is form the three-point contact and then reviews recommendations for the essential design and process changes. OSHA (2003) stipulates guidelines for the use (when and how) of ladders and stairs. ...
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