Tidal Barrage Social and Economic Benefits Vs Environmental and Ecological Negatives

Tidal Barrage Social and Economic Benefits Vs Environmental and Ecological Negatives Dissertation example
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An Investigation into Whether Or Not the Social and Economic Benefits Associated With the Construction, Operation and Maintenance of a Large Scale Tidal Barrage Prevail Over the Environmental and Ecological Damage Caused By [Name of student] [Presented to] [Name of institution] [Date] CHAPTER-1: INTRODUCTION 1.1: Introduction The use of natural sources and resources for creating value for the masses often help in creating social and economic benefits.


There is a major difference between a dam and a tidal barrage in the sense that dams store water on one side whereas, tidal barrages firstly allow water to flow into a river during high tides and later releasing the water back during low tides (Heal, 2009). This is mainly done by controlling the tidal flow and sluice gates. A sluice gate is a barrier made of wood or metal set in the sides of waterways. The main purpose of sluice gates is to control water level and flow in rivers and bays. They are also used in wastewater treatment to recover wide arrays of minerals in mining operations (Iwo-Hwu, 2008). Tidal barrages are the oldest and most convenient methods of tidal power generation; many countries like Russia, the UK, and China have been benefitted by it. However, there are positive and negative factors associated with tidal barrage. A Tidal barrage may offer social and economic benefits in terms of producing tidal energy that can be useful for the society at the cost that is very affordable and economical (Sobolev, et al, 2009). ...
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