civil engineering level 1 Fluid Mechanics Lab report (oriphis and free jet flow)

civil engineering level 1 Fluid Mechanics Lab report (oriphis and free jet flow) Essay example
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INTRODUCTION Orifice is a term used for a small hole or opening in a vessel which enables the fluid to flow through it. Fluid keeps on flowing through the orifice as long as the head of fluid is above the level of orifice in the vessel. Orifice is not merely a hole but is considered as one of the fundamental equipment used in fluid mechanics as it is widely used to measure discharge rates and velocity coefficients(CodeCogs, 2013).


Used to restrict flow through the line. Used to control the velocity of fluid within the piping. Extensively used to measure flow rate within the piping. Orifice in the form of orifice plates is widely used for injecting constant flows to the apparatus. They are vital part of electronic fuel ignition systems where metered amount of fuel is injected within the combustion chamber through orifice, as they provide very stable flow. Orifices used for such critical applications are designed with great effort. They must be smooth enough to reduce frictional effects which greatly affect the efficiency of orifice( Also while designing an orifice for a specific flow application, ratio of length vs orifice diameter are strictly monitored. Not only this, orifice is an integral part of jet flows as well which is in fact closely lying to orifice(Sarco, 2000). Measuring the jet flows is really important in calculating the steam acting upon the turbine in the power plant. It is also integral part of many other chemical plant operations. Orifices are extensively being used in the fields of bioinformatics and botany. Gaseous flow for the processes of respiration and photosynthesis is measured by using orifice. ...
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