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1. Introduction The technology of telephone was invented by Alexander Graham Bell in the year 1876. He broadly described the technology as “an electrical contrivance for reproducing in distant places the tones and articulations of a speaker's voice (NAE, 2013)." From that point of time where the whole concept of telephoning was considered to be a utopian idea, the technology has grown to a large extent.


In the process of the advancement of technology, the equipments and the methodology became simpler and more user friendly. For instance, the fixed landline equipments which were heavy were replaced with wireless and mobile phones which are light and portable. The environmental, social, economic and political implications of telephone as a technology on the society have been large. This essay aims to analyze the impact of telephone on the society with reference to the environment, economics, and politics of the society. 1.1. The Background After the invention of telephone in 1876, by early 1900, telephone signals were successfully sent between close by cities (NAE, 2013). The invention of vacuum diode by Sir John Ambrose Fleming was a turning point in the history of telephony. A major milestone in the technology was the first transcontinental call which was made in the year 1915 (NAE, 2013).Though there were portable versions of phones which were used in vehicles right from 1940s, it was in the year 1973 that the first fully portable version phone was made by Martin Cooper for the Motorola Company (NAE, 2013). ...
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