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Civil Engineering material

To make a reliable and stable structure for living and working are one of the basic necessities every human feels greatly. Civil engineers are people which make this necessity to reality. Earth quakes are one of the greatest natural disaster humans face since the formation of planet. Causalities caused by the occurrence of earth quakes look very ugly on seeing them for the first time to naked eye. It is a blessing of nature that most of the quakes happen in the ocean. Many developed cities fall to this might force of nature; industries crashed down and also many of the civilizations vanished from the face of earth. During the present century the building that is not demolished from earth quake was one of the greatest challenges faced by engineers and scientists all over the world. It is a known fact that the conventional ways of construction used by humans for centuries are helpless whenever earth quakes occur. Concepts like seismic analysis of land and earth quake resistant structures are known in great extent by the engineers. It is unfortunate to see that after all of these researches and principals developed as a result of it; engineers and building experts lack in correct designing and manufacturing of buildings. In this paper; different techniques used by civil engineers to design an earth quake resistant building are discussed (Dhakal). ...
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Date: Civil Engineering material Civil engineering is a branch of engineering that existed from the time since first building of was built by man. Even the smallest of the structures built by human require expertise of civil engineering…
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